antaboga Picture

Antaboga is the world serpent of traditional pre Islamic Javanese mythology (before the era of Demak kingdom). It is a derivative from Hindu Shiva with Javanese animism. After the fall of the kingdom of Majapahit and the ascent of Islam in Java, the centre for Hinduism shifted to Bali. These days many of the old myths and legends are celebrated in the wayang performance that became a vehicle to combine the syncretic philosophies from outside with those philosophies and ideas already rooted within the local cultures and traditions.

At the beginning of time, only Antaboga existed. Antaboga meditated and created the world turtle Bedwang from which all other creations sprang

* A= no/never
* Boga= food

Anantaboga= endlessfood

I tried to explore about indonesian myth creature..and antaboga seems cool to be drawn
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