Why Worry About Reality... Picture

...When Your Imagination's This Exciting?
That's the full title but obviously it didn't fit.
First off - long text ahead, and even if this pic has it's flaws, I love it and especially the idea too much to care. Meh.


So... This is one of my application pieces to Kankaanpää - same series with this.
Two done, two to go.

The assignment for this was "Me, me, me". A piece telling something about yourself and "advertising" yourself. A3-sized two dimensional picture, video or written media to choose from.
...I chose A3-size drawing, done with colored pencils. I started thinking about myself, how could I advertise myself? I don't really do anything but focus on my own things and creations...
Then it hit me. That's really what I do - create, with my imagination. So I drew me [yes, that ugly human is me...], surrounded by my creations. I wanted to make myself more realistic and my charas like I usually draw, but I didn't want to use a photo of myself, I wanted to use the same media for everything so it'll look more like me and my creations belong to the same world, like we exist in the same place, just on different planes of existance, or something.
I didn't choose these characters to the picture just because I'd like them, they all represent different kinds of things I create.

Random metal drake represents my love for fantasy and dragons. Even if they were a lot different back then, metal dragons were probably my first own type of dragons or any other magical creatures.
Swan represents my interest for supernatural, mythological, maybe even horror-esque creatures... And birds.
Then we have Leo, who both represents my desire to make my own versions of traditional mythology, as well as my interest of half human, half beast things.
Little Pentamon here is for my general loving of digimon, of course... And once again birds. =w=
Ruki is here to represent my robot freak side, as well as representing all my human characters alltogether... Well he's more humanoid here than Leo.
Then we have Equemon... The oldest character here, even if this form of his isn't as old as the character is. My dear knight partner, shows my love for digimon, knights, and my hopeless way of thinking - justice always prevails, there's always someone who'll protect us from darkness.
And last, of course Gomis is there! My alter ego, standing behind the real me, my way of living on the same plane of existance as my imagination.

A little challenge for you all - if you were to introduce different sides of your imagination, which characters would you choose for yourself?
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