custom adoptables Picture

Since my last mythical adoptables were quite a succes, i decided to do more of them. this time you can choose a lineart (the same creature can be chosen multiple times) and tell me to make the design. theyre 40 points each. youre free to ask for the colors you prefer or you can let me decide.

some information about the creatures:
1. Wolpertinger - (mythical)
Mainly a hare or rabbit with antlers, wings and small saberteeth, they come from Germany.

2. Caleygreyhound - (mythical - my own interpretation)
A crossbreed of a lion, an ox and an eagle. They come from the medieval and some say they have (eagle) wings and they represent speed.

3. Ramidreju - (mythical)
This creature is a weasel whose fur should be able to heal any disease, they have a love for gold. They are a crossbreed between a weasel and a snake, and they have a slightly green-colored fur. They have the nose of a hog.

4. Bunyip - (mythical - my own interpretation)
The bunyip is a monster that lives in swamps or lakes. Any human that would enter the water, would be eaten by the beast.

5. Nuguruvilu - (mythical - my own interpretation)
Its a cross between a fox and a watersnake. They make whirlpools in river crossings, if a human were to cross the river, they would drown. A Nuguruvilu could only be removed by a shaman, they would be threatened and move somewhere else.

6. Serpopard - (mythical - my own interpretation)
A crossing between a leopard and a snake. They come from the Ancient Egypt.

7. Obea - (mythical - my own interpretation)
Obea is a giant beast that serves witches and steal kids of villages for them.

8. Warg - (mythical)
A huge demonic wolf (or dog), also referred to as Fenrir, Sköll and Hati. They come from the Norse mythology

9. Lavellan - (mythical)
A Scottish water rat whose poison would kill cattle.

The Dally is a horned hybrid of an ox, deer and goat. they have no pupils and theyre blind. They are friendly creatures who are not afraid of humancontact, but dont search for it either.

11. Quinotaur - (mythical)
The Guinotaur is a sea bull with five horns, two on the head and one on the nose.
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