Fakemon FWIKER Picture

FWIKER, the Trapped Pokémon. FWIKER are wandering Pokémon that can sense approaching death. It is believed that inside its wicker-woven lantern resides a soul that cannot accept its death. Rare as they are, FWIKER sightings are recorded historically during times of warfare and strife.

Name Origin: FlIcKER and WIcKER [hard woven fiber formed into a rigid material, usually used for baskets or furniture]
Type: Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Evolution: Fwiker ---Level 35---> Sakrifwik
Moves Learned: Grudge, Punishment, Block, Shadow Ball, Imprison, Curse, Shadow Sneak, Will-O-Wisp, Pursuit, Smokescreen, Night Shade, Smog, Disable, and starting move Astonish

Base Stats:
HP: 95
ATK: 35
DEF: 60
SP ATK: 35
SP DEF: 60
SPD: 30
TOTAL: 315

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