Dubbiel - Guardian of Persia Picture

Dubbiel is a character from my gay erotic novel Devil's Collector [link] He was originally one of God's angels. He was assigned as the guardian angel of Persia. At one time, Dubbiel replaced Gabriel [link] temporarily because Gabriel deliberately disobeyed God's command to get the Israeli killed. However, later, Dubbiel was corrupted by favoring the Persian whom he guarded and was against God who seemed to favor the Israeli more. God then expelled Dubbiel from Heaven, along with 69 other guardian angels of various nations. As a fallen angel, Dubbiel then joined Devlin Devil [link] to get revenge. When Heaven turns chaotic because some angels are appalled by God's sudden decision to save all humans from Hell, Dubbiel takes the opportunity to infiltrate Heaven. When Dubbiel assumes human form, he looks like a manly muscular Middle Eastern man. His true form has a pair of black wings. During battle, he assumes his monstrous form as Persian winged Sphinx.

Details about Dubbiel replacing Gabriel comes from real mythology, which is not known by most Abrahamic followers. It's said that Jehovah/God was angry with the Israeli and ordered Gabriel to throw burning coal onto them and let the Babylonian slaughtered the survivors. But Gabriel hesitated because he was Michael's ally (Michael is the guardian angel of the Israeli). Gabriel then asked the laziest angel to help him. By the time Gabriel got the coal, it's already been cold. He also persuaded the Babylonian to enslave the Israeli instead of killing them. That's how the Israeli ended up being the Babylonian's slaves. Because of this, Gabriel was demoted for 27 days by Jehovah and Dubbiel was appointed to replace Gabriel. Gabriel finally regained his status when he gave Jehovah a bright idea regarding something. Dubbiel later was kicked out of heaven, along with 69 guardian angels of nations, because they favored their own nations instead of the Israeli. They then become fallen angels a.k.a. demons. Story about Dubbiel and Gabriel can be read in a book called Gabriel: Communicating With The Archangel For Inspiration & Reconciliation by Richard Webster [link]

Story about Dubbiel came from Babylonian Talmud. It seems that Dubbiel's myth was created to explain why many nations hate the Jews/Israel until this second (because those nations are under influence of fallen angels). Maybe the present Persia (Iran) is still under the influence of Dubbiel ??? I think, the creation of Dubbiel's myth is similar to the creation of Chinese zodiac legend which explains why cat hates mouse until this second.

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