AEsar Picture

Æsir are beings of a higher nature than that of regular races. Commonly known as Gods to other races, they come in all shapes and sizes. While the Æsir differ in appearance and power, the most common trait that they all possess is immortality. This capability to live forever is often attributed to their physical makeup. While most living beings are composed of two different but essential components for life, the body and the soul, the Æsir have only one. This is because the body and soul of an Æsar are one and the same.

The body is a vessel that holds the soul and gives any living being physical substance so that they can interact with the things around it normally. The soul is an indestructible pure energy that powers the body and allows any living being to be truly alive. Because the body and soul of an Æsar are one and the same, they are living beings composed of pure energy concentrated into a physical substance that cannot be destroyed. Because of this, things like time and pain cannot affect an Æsar but they can affect things around them. Because of this also, the Æsir are capable of doing things that normal living being couldn't do.

No one knows how an Æsar is created or how the oldest existing ones came into being. The creation of souls is a phenomenon beyond the understanding of any living being, including the Æsir. As such the process of creating a being whose soul and body are one naturally is near impossible. There are however ways of combining the soul and body of a mortal to create a Æsar. Some of these ways are aided by the hands of the Æsir themselves, others however are forbidden by them.

Many different Æsir are found throughout the universe in many forms and shapes. While there are a number of them that rule over entire realms without allegiance to or even knowledge of other Æsir, there however exists a major organization of Æsir that governs the majority of known space. This pantheon is dedicated to the righteous rule over the vast number of realms under it and the protection of them from much sinister forces.

While Æsir are worshiped as holy gods by lower races, not all of them consider themselves as gods. Amongst the Æsir, especially those belonging to the pantheon, there exists the belief of a being greater than the Æsir. This God of Gods is believed to be the creator of everything, from souls to the Æsir themselves. This belief stems from the fact that while the Æsir are godlike in nature, they have certain limitations.

While most Æsir are considered good, not all of them are necessarily as divine and pure as many believe. Some of them are corrupt, some are spoiled, and some are just plain evil. The most of vilest and demonic of these type of Æsir are so evil that they aren't worthy of being called Æsir. These beings are called the Demon Gods.

*Name based on the Norse Mythological Æsir [link]
*Singular form of Æsir changed to Æsar because original, Áss, looks like Ass.
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