Silent Salute Picture

"Goodbye, old friend..."

This piece does not reflect on anything going on in my life, I just suddenly had inspiration one night to draw this particular character and the end result turned out exactly the way I wanted it to. After experimenting a lot on this image, I learned a lot from this piece in terms of rain effects! Yee~

Sebastian is an Alp, a European mythological creature that can shapeshift into several forms. In this piece, he's in his dog form (German Shepherd <3). I've had this character since 2008, which was also my grade 12 History year, so chances are that influenced my creation of this character.

More on Alps over here: [link](folklore)

Art: © *Silberry
Character(s): Sebastian (Original Character) © *Silberry
Finished On: January 11, 2011
Tools: Photoshop CS5 with tablet for sketch. SAI with tablet for lineart. Mouse with Photoshop CS5 for the colouring
Layers: 90
Time taken: Two days.
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