Everyday people fall in love.
Some say you find your soul mates
Others think its impossible to find
That one person that is just right for you.
Well whatever you think
Many people have come up with their own
Ideas and theories on fallin' in love.

People through out history have contemplated
And debated on what love is or isnt.

But its a complex and complicated issue.

Thus the creation of god like beings
Or mythological creatures were created to
Explain the unexplainable.

Characters like cupid.
Everyone knows who cupid is.

Naked kid who flys around, shoots arrows
BAM your in love.

So i thought about the concept for this peice.

Cupid makes people fall in love...
But who does Cupid have the hots for?

So thats my concept.
Cupid's Crush.

Holdin' that love potion numba 09

Even Cupid cant fuck with her.

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