My Influence Map Picture

Okay, so this took a while to fill out.
Allow me to explain the major influences in my life.

1. The hero of my life. Underdog! My bread and butter! He is the greatest influence in my life and always will be. My literary works are greatly influenced by him, even so much as the main setting in my novel is NAMED Capital City.
No copyright worries there anyway. Capital City is a pretty generic sounding name.

2. The Koopa Family- I just love the way this family interacts with each other. The Koopalings are at the same time Bowser's children and his minions, and he treats them as such. You might ask why I didn't pick Mario. Well, as much as I love Mario, the Koopa's have always had more influence on me then the good guys. And Bowser suffers from unrequited love, what's more tragic then that?

3. Alice in Wonderland (all incarnations)- The wacky zanieness of Wonderland has greatly influenced my writing. The absolute madness that flows through Wonderland also flows through my fingers as I type. One day, I'd love to write my own take on Wonderland. It is in public domain after all.

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas- Quite possibly my most favorite movie of all time. I love the balance between dark and light, Halloween and Christmas, Jack Skellington and Santa Clause. Plus Oogie Boogie may just be my favorite villain ever.

5. Fairy Tales and Folklore- This stuff is just gold. Classic works passed down through the ages. Tales of good vs evil, hero vs monster. I include mythology in with this. But fairy tales were not originally as happy and sweet as present day would have you think. The original forms were very very dark and were written for adults. There is much material here to be spun into my own tale.

6. Pure Imagination from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory- I don't know what it is, but this particular song stirs something inside of me. It makes me want to write. It inspires me and fills me with ideas. It makes me want to create me own literary world. Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination. Take a look and you'll see
into your imagination. We'll begin with a spin, traveling in
the world of my creation, what we'll see will defy explanation...

7. Invader Zim- Oh ho ho boy...Zim. What can I say about Zim other then MADNESS! PURE UNADULTERATED MADNEEEEESSS!!! Ahem...he inspires me much in the same way Wonderland does. Simply because absolutely anything can happen in this world. ANY...THING.

8/9/10. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. The Warner siblings, and three of my favorite characters. They might possibly be the most perfect cartoon characters ever. And Blinko, the main character from my novel is HEAVILY inspired by the Warners! In fact, he's one of the Warner siblings! Although I can't actually say this in the book for copyright reasons, but rest assured he is indeed a Warner. I could have given all three of the siblings one spot, but they deserve better then that. That's why I gave each of them, their own separate place.

10 B. Okay, i'll be honest here. I messed up with my counting. I DUN'T KNOW HOW TO COUNT! D :
so I thought the easiest thing to do is just say 10 twice.
ANYWAY, this guy here is H.P. Lovecraft! THE greatest horror writer of all time. He's even better then Poe in my opinion. I've written a few horror stories and I have to say I am heavily influenced by Lovecraft with my horror. No one can chill you like Lovecraft.

11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- The TMNT! They are my ideal crime fighting team and they are brothers, both heavy plot points in my novel. You have all corners here: Leonardo the Leader, Raph the Hothead, Donatello the Genius, and my favorite turtle Mikelangelo the Party Dude! They have influenced me in their brotherhood and their eternal bond.

12. Martin the Warrior- Martin the Warrior comes from the Redwall novels and is the protector and guiding spirit of Redwall Abbey. He is one of my favorite heroes. His bravery knows no end. The Redwall books have influenced my own novel in the fact that I put my own songs and poetry in the book just as Brian Jacques does in Redwall. Many of the poems that i've posted on this site are in my novel.

13. A Series of Unfortunate Events- One of my favorite book series because they are rather short. They're bite-sized books that don't take weeks to read, unlike say a Stephen King novel. But I also like this series because of the rather dark humor. I think a little bit of my writing style was influenced by this series.

14. Dragonball- One of the biggest influences on my NEXT book. The two main characters were inspired by the relationship between Goku and Chi Chi. I was thinking, what would a marriage REALLY be like between a basically mortal woman and a man with god-like abilitys. I call it The Hero's Wife. It won't be as kid friendly as my first book and will have adult...uhm...bedroom scenes. I'm a little nervous about that. : b

15. Discworld- This is my ABSOLUTE favorite book series ever! The humor is unmatched and the characters are hilarious. This has influenced my writing style somewhat too. I highly recommend picking this series up if you've never tried it.

16...okay I guess we're doing 18, FINE! D:<
Seriously, what is up with my counting? Do I need to eat more Alphabets? Should I get tutoring from The Count on Sesame Street??
ANYWAY! Kingdom Hearts! Yeah, the great never ending battle between Darkness and Light is what the influence is here.

17. Alvin and the Chipmunks- Am I the only one that thinks every song sounds BETTER when it's high pitched and Chipmunky?? Seriously, I am so addicted to these guys that you can give me a song, even a song that I hate, and crank it up to Chipmunk pitch and i'll love it! I guess not much of a literary influence here, although one of my characters IS named Theodore, named after Theodore Seville.

18 again. Bart Simpson- This guy has a cameo in my book as a completely different character. Don't tell anyone though. O.O He's one of my heroes.
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