Drekavac-Revun-Kiks-Howler Picture

By the Slavic Ancient legends Drekavac (srb) or Howler (eng) represents demon of the dead child that hasn't been baptized in life. This demon can't find its eternal rest, so he haunts and molest all those who have harm him in his life. He attacks his victims by jumping on their backs. And while on their backs, he forcing them to run until the first dawn lights. The one who refuses to run, may be scratched and bitten to death. His howlings and screams are something that can be described as mix of child's cry and wolf's howling. He mostly can be seen by night at the graveyards or in the forests. He's affraid of the light. Beliefs in Howler are widespread in Serbia, Montenegro and in Bosnia.

Media: water colors
Date of creation: 2011
Format: A4
Author: Vladimir Petkovic
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