Good Little God page 1.15 Picture

LAST PAGE WOO! Love the composition in this one. And it looks like our deity has just invinted music...

I'm going to copy & paste some stuff I said in my LiveJournal about the series as a whole...

So, that's the end of Good Little God. "But wait," I can hear you say, "This can't possibly be finished, you left it so open-ended!" That is correct, dearest reader. And while this particular chapter is finished, my own messing around is this world is not.

Does that mean I'm going to be creating more chapters so-to-speak of Good Little God? Basically, but don't hold your breath for their arrival. You see, dearest reader, I'm merely sixteen and still very much developing my artistic abilities. I've only got so much time to use for cartooning, and I do not feel right pooling all of my time into the very-specific perameters Good Little God requires. Right now I'm experimenting--Good Little God was an experiment in many things--and I feel its best for me, artistically, to keep on trying different stories, medias, formats, styles and so forth. When I want to try what I worked on in Good Little God again I'll come back to it.

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