Hel (Redesign) Picture

'Tis just a redesign of Hel, with a new backstory (since the Capes-Verse is kaput). Made using Heromatic, which I do not own but which sure is useful.

Name: Mary Thompkins
Age: 21
Powers and Abilities: Flight, galvanic knife, super-durability, super-strength, tech affinity, mild terrakinesis

The twin sister of the young heroine Megalass, there was once a time where Mary called herself Hellraiser and fought against evil. To tell the truth, Mary's desires were never entirely pure. To her, being a superhero was about flaunting her power.

Unfortunately for Mary, her power was not enough to overcome her own failings. During a battle with a cyborg known as the Data Reaper, she was fatally stabbed through the heart and supposedly killed. Unbeknownst to her grieving sister Carol, however, the Data Reaper did not simply kill it's victims.

Taken to the Reaper's underground lair, she was cybernetically modified and enhanced, designed to be part of the dark cyborg's army. The magical powers within her fought against the intrusion, and before the Reaper could react it was destroyed by earthen spikes. Hours later, the macabre creation within his lab fully awoke, cold in it's heart and clarity in it's mind.

Despite what Carol would say, this new being (which calls itself Hel, after an ancient Norse goddess of the underworld) carries much of Mary's personality; indeed, it's complete lack of emotion and disdain for the living appears to be the final evolution of the former heroine's sociopathy. Possessed of immense power, Hel's motives can often be mysterious. Whether she desires control of the world or simply a pleasant stroll, Hel has been known to destroy or control anyone and anything in her way.
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