Dinosaur spirits Picture

Juvenile Raptorosaurs which manage to reach the top of the largest tree in the forest by using WAIR (wall-assisted-incline-running) become priests. They climb on top of trees to talk with the gods (after they´re fully grown and have shorter remiges they have to laboriously climb with claws and tools) or sacrifice animals.
Raptorosaurs are very spiritual creatures and they have a lot of myths and legends about their world:

They believe the world was created by a Hadrosaur goddess which they call Ngriba or "mother of all". She is a symbol for fertility and love as Hadrosaurs are very social animals and mothers care for their many offsprings. But since hadrosaurs are neither very intelligent nor very strong Ngriba created two other gods which should help her to shape the earth: Gruguruh, the Raptorosaur god acting as her brain, and Bosbor, the Ceratopsian god acting as her brawn. While Gruguruh helped creating complex and beautiful environments, trees and other plantlife and some of the animals, Bosbor was responsible for rough mountains or canyons and natural disasters. From these three original gods Ngriba is the only one with a flesh-covered head and clear eyes, the other two have skulls with glowing lights in their eye sockets. Bosbor has always been a very fierce and brute god (just as his ceratopsians on Earth) which often tried to rule this world alone. By working together, the mother Ngriba and the wise Gruguruh always managed to defeat him temporarily (they couldn´t annihilate him because he was an immortal god and they still needed him for keeping the balance of the world). Many representations show Ngriba wrapped around a tree, not only to show her close relationship to nature, but also to show her defending the tree from any dangers. She and Gruguruh are always drawn together adverse to the lone Bosbor. He is something like the dinosaurian Satan, a dark and evil deity whose symbol are the red, orange and yellow marks. The holes in his frill are said to be portals to the underworld, the breath from his nostrils is deadly and each of the many sharp quills on his body is poisonous enough to kill a Dinosauroid with a single touch. His tail is made of many quills, forming a giant sword-like structure. One of his "minions" is Gox, representative of the Troodontids. Unlike Raptorosaurs even fully-grown Troodontids are still capable of using WAIR, and so they believe the Troodontids only achieved flight because they made a pact with the evil Bosbor. They base this on the fact that scavenging Troodontids follow marauding ceratopsians without getting attacked by them and are nocturnal and black-coloured animals, just like the fearsome ceratopsians. Gox is always shown near Bosbor, with disheveled wings (to emphasize that he can only fly because he "cheated"), a black body and a beak with the same marks as the Ceratopsian god. Another flying animal which Raptorosaurs believe to be "cheaters" are the nocturnal Anurognathids. Their representative, Frrit, and Gox are also shown with red-glowing eyes, implying that they are controlled by the fierce red-eyed Bosbor. At the bottom of the tree sits Kraashter, representative of the Oviraptorids. He is too big to run up the tree, but always desperately tries to climb up and roars in anger after he fails. He is a symbol of obduracy and impatience, while his relative Trrohm, representative of the Therizinosaurids, has accepted his incapability of reaching the gods and is a symbol for patience and acceptability. Kraashter is always presented with an angry and distorted face to show his desperation, while Trrohm is very calm with closed eyes, almost meditating. One of the least important representatives is the one of small Ornithopods, a female spirit called Ruhush. Since the small Ornithopods are striped like zebras and live in herds, she is a symbol of illusion and can duplicate herself. Because of Ornithopods´ speed Ruhush is as fast as the wind - she actually IS the wind (though tornadoes or hurricanes are mady by Bosbor). Absolute bottom tier in this mythologic world are the representatives of Pachycephalosaurids, Grak and Burr-Grak. The reason why they are so nonfamous is the fact that Pachycephalosaurids are nearly extinct in this world, their last refuge are the mountains where they fill a similar niche like the smaller Ornithopods. However, because of their bigger horns juvenile Pachycephalosaurs are believed to actually be destined for higher lifes. While Grak is, apart from his status as dinosaur spirit, not different from any moderate Pachycephalosaur, the juvenile Burr-Grak is free and can wander (or fly) around. The juvenile is a symbol for eternal youth.
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