Ortago - The Birth Pokemon Picture

This Pokemon was originally designed for the now defunct Pokemon Scarlet, a great project, created by great people. This Pokemon was created in 2008/9.

Bio: (From Memory) Ortago was the first spark of life on the planet, and is responsible for the circle of life. Whilst it exists, no new Pokemon are born, evolve and none die. Ortago sacrificed itself to a lifetime of hibernation for the sake of every other thing to exist and evolve. It does awaken for one day every year, before regressing back into an egg to hibernate.

Designer Notes: Based an Aye-aye of the lemur family, with the mythology of the Phoenix, with elements of the Big Bang. This was the secret legendary of Pokemon Scarlet. Can't remember the background of the name, it was 2-3 years ago, It was bound to be something extremely clever and profound. ^_^

Ortago (C) Concore
Pokemon (C) Nintendo/GameFreak/The Pokémon Company.
NOT to used without Permission, but I endorse the creation of fanart and sprites.
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