Chinese Gardens - CE Picture

My Entry for *Honey-laurel17's contest :3

Time taken: about 34 hours total ( Minus the two hours off work on background when Photoshop freezes on me and I had to start over on background 8D .... so much fun)

Tools used: A4 Printerpaper ,Pencil, rubber, scanner, Photoshop CS2, Wacom sapphire tablet, referecnces for house in background.

Artists Comment:
Well I'm.. F-I-N-A-LL-Y Done with this. I've been taking to much time on it... but to be honest.. I'm really proud of it, I really took my time to draw OWN patterns by hand for Umbrella and the Dress.....

The dragon is my own creation (of course based on Asian mythology. ) and I think I sis an rather good job on Background (not the Most awesome but so far my best landscape :3 )

Contest INFO you'll find here: [link]

And currently I'm hearing my Parents Watch Indiana Jones movie in the livingroom BEHIND me D: on god damn surround sound.. which pierces my awesome headphones filled with awesome Music of Awesomeness..... but It's still Awesome to hear the Indiana Tune xD


Art, Dragon ©
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