Yami no Sharingan Picture

This is the Yami no Sharingan (闇の写輪眼, Dark Sharingan) that I've designed for myself. It resembles a Mangekyou Sharingan, except the black and red colors are reversed.

This is not really fanon or anything, but I've already thought of the process of obtaining a Yami no Sharingan. First, the ninja needs to obtain Mangekyou Sharingan, and use it until s/he is completely blind. Then, that ninja must live without his/her eyes for an indefinite period of time, until s/he is completely accustomed to living in complete darkness; the chakra flow to the ninja's eyes must be completely cut off. Finally, the now-blind ninja must complete a forbidden kinjutsu ritual that absorbs Dark chakra to "jump-start" his/her blind eyes, turning them into the Yami no Sharingan.

The Yami no Sharingan probably has its own unique jutsu, and it can probably use Dark Release (冥遁, Meiton). I don't know much about Japanese mythology, so I can't really make up a new jutsu that goes along with this...

This is the regular Mangekyou Sharingan version of my Yami no Sharingan. It is the normal red and black, and its design is much simpler.



Well, it's been two years since I made this thing. I now know somewhat more about Japanese mythology, and have thought of a couple of jutsu unique to this version of the Sharingan. These jutsu are all considered to be Dark Release.

Hiruko (蛭子): This technique is named after the Japanese god Hiruko, the first child of Izanami no Mikoto, the goddess of creation and death. This is a technique that allows the user to copy any ninjutsu he or she sees, including kekkei genkai and even tailed beast jutsu, as long as the user can obtain a sample of the chakra used in the jutsu to be copied; usually this means getting hit or at least grazed by the jutsu. Only four jutsu can be copied at once, and the user must choose to forget one of them if he or she wants to copy a fifth one. Any technique copied in this manner invariably takes on a darker tint in comparison to its original. This technique is deliberately similar to the Chimera Technique used by its namesake, Hiruko, the main villain of one of the Naruto movies, a technique used to assimilate kekkei genkai.

Amatsu Mikaboshi (天津甕星): This technique is named after the Japanese god of all evil and stars that existed before the first of gods came into creation. It creates a shadowy black mist with three distinct effects. First, it drains chakra from anything it touches, like a hungry void, and transfer the chakra to the user of this jutsu; other jutsu can be disrupted and people killed this way. Second, if a person is completely enveloped by this mist, he or she will rapidly lose all senses, including the physical senses, the ability to sense chakra, and the ability to sense hostile intents like what Naruto can do; it will be as though the person is trapped in a primordial void where the only thing that exists is his or her consciousness. Lastly, the shadows can be made corporeal, and lash out as extremely powerful physical attacks or become protective barriers on par with Susanoo. If a portion of corporealized shadow is destroyed, it will disappear, but doing so is incredibly difficult as the shadow absorbs chakra from hostile attacks to weaken them.
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