Thread Picture

Like her sisters, Thread has the power to create anything; she with sting or thread. Thread may seem powerless compared to her powerful sisters, but she has the imagination of a young girl.
Thread's life as a goddess began when she was 11. She always loved to sew and knit; just anything that had to do with string. Her first doll was made and put in display in her metropolis's museum. It was a small doll that she made to look like the goddess of earth; her stitches were invisible, the cloth was simple, but every detail of the goddess was clearly visible. Her people believed she was gifted by the gods, others thought she was a witch, any doll she made that looked like a person was burned by a misbelieving group. On her 11th birthday, when she had finished the last of the gods for the cities collection of art, she was visited by the god of creativity. He took her hand giving her entrance to Olympus.
Thread's creations deck the halls of Olympus, and are considered holy. Those you misbelieved her beautiful talent were sacrificed by the people of her new city. She was given a small city on the continent of light. Her people were very rich, their trade was amongst the most prosperous. Her guardian is her favorite doll, which she named Sora. Sora was made to look as if a child knitted it together, a plushie. Her hair was made hair from lions' mane, her face is Thread's with less detail, her dress was made by her people: it wraps around her thighs and waist, the covers her breast leaving a spot under her ribs exposed, then drapes from her behind. Her hands and feet have no fingers or toes, her hands look like mittens, her feet look like feet with out the splits between the toes. Her sword is a large transparent oar that when stood up right goes up to her breast from the ground. She is as tall as a skyscraper and average skinny. She guards the city walls from the menacing neighboring cities.
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