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It's a comic version of my story Errors, which you can find on

basically, there's these colonies of genetically fucked up cats.
There's the Wind Feet (they have wings), Mist Whiskers (they have webbed feet and incredibly good eyesight), Flame Hearts (they can breathe fire, and their bodies are infused with metal) and the Loam Claws (they can 'chameleon,' or meld with their surroundings)

Relatively new, the four colonies have lived in their territories for a mere two years. Made up of stray, feral, and tame cats used for whitecoat research, these colonies started out as simply an experiment.
The whitecoats wanted to know what would happen, should genetically altered cats be let loose in the wild.
They gave their creations new genes and elemental abilities and even gave a few unnatural mutations, and monitored them closely.
Then, their creations malfunctioned. The whitecoats were unable to stop their beasts from going feral, but they steadily continued their research, trapping a few of their creatures from time to time and taking notes, altering or fixing their design, taking more notes, and setting them loose.
These beasts where known as banes. The scientists called them errors.

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