The First Window Picture

ink & acrylic on paper, approx. 30.5 x 30.5cm (framed) / 12.5cm diameter artwork)

This is an interpretation of Creation mythology, depicting light and sound introduced to a previously desolate void. As is often portrayed, it begins with the opening of a window between the Divine and the Mundane. The latter will then transform, endowed with the blessing of gifts from the other side - the sun, the moon, resonance, vibration. Wheels of creation turn, in time measured cyclically.

Here, I deliberately shun or showcase elements from various eras of my art, in search of a marriage of strengths and the eradication of weaknesses. My earliest paintings employ vibrant, well-placed colours, but lack the finer technique of my later works. My later works, though, often struggle to be seen by modern viewers, in part because of their relatively muted palette. With this in mind, I attempt to fuse the best of the two - whilst hopefully escaping elements that would keep the work short of excellent.
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