Project S.A.T.A.N Picture

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S.A.T.A.N stands for Satanic Aberrations Troop Anti Normality. (This is motherfucking improved. Shall I change later? akjdnajkdn). Please tell me if you have a better idea for name. D8
Well, tried to do demonology-based characters since I like it so much.
NOTE: It's girls, not gay boys. They were made artificially using alchemy, satanic rituals and the DNA of its respective demonic entities

Mephistopheles personality was based in Goethe's Mephisto(sarcastic, elegant, manipulative, smart, liar, refined...). He's a great worshiper of his "boss" and also it's said to be one of the most(or maybe even the most) cruel and honourable demon of the whole Goetia. Mephistopheles is the only demon that I know best since it's my favorite one thanks to Goethe masterpiece. The little Mephisto is a big, fat liar and the first creation(ABE #1), specialized in soul selling "business", also being the great leader of the organization.

Beelzebub or Baal is said to be the "lord of the bugs", this is from where I got Baal's bugs admiration, she's a huge insect collector. Maybe the "worst" one since her lively, outgoing, confident and humorous personality tends to make people find comfort on her side, and get stabbed in the back by her violent, brutal, sadistic and prideful nature. She's known as the atrocious one, and it's the second creation(ABE #2), specialized in "reckoning", she will crush as an insect anyone who break the rules or deny to pay the price.

Mammon was done based in the fact that he represents the sin of the greed. She's the money-maker, ironic, corrupt, cold, mercenary, "judas" and lucky one. She's the third creation(ABE #3) specialized in manage of the souls.

Leviathan love for the water(a sailor) was based in mythology where Levi is a large sea monster. The demon also stands for "envy", and she's very jealous of her sisters since she's the last one and the smaller. Leviathan is calmer and the quiet one, but this not means she's harmless. She's very capricious and it's said to be the one who possess the stronger physical power(however, there's still a lot of training to do since she is still very young and don't know how to controls it yet). Leviathan is the fourth creation(ABE #4), specialized in protecting the organization.
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