Wisakedjak Picture

Whew. Last week was my final presentation of my graduation project and with a whiff of luck and the help of my girlfriend and a pal i was able to somehow finish 50% of antticipated 64 pages comic magazine. Which was insightful letting me know i can pull out 32 pages in 10 days! woop! woop! Just like the old pro's in the 40ies!

So this is the first installment in the magazine which still has no real fitting name and i'm not soooo sold on the outcome, but it is a direction. I really have to dig deeper in native american mythology and also art - a native american horde of critics and editors would be too rad to have herefor (if you know anybody...show this arround, rip it into pieces, say how shitty it is and such neccessarities).
This is going to be one of the projects i would dearly follow and let my life depend on, in getting more and more stories together and earn the native americans more respect, which may seem to you as a kind of trend perhaps, but mostly it's through an effort that is taken by the native americans themselfs...letting me feel kinda bad that i take their stories and draw them in a whimsy white man's comic.

Wisakedjak is the creation myth of the Cree in the upper east. He's got many other names by the other tribes in the same area but most likely you will know him by the name of "Koyote", avenging nearly almost in every story his poor brother "Wolf". Koyote is a trickster god so he can take the shape of nearly anyone/everything and is one of the popular characters. I could name my comic "Coyote" if there wouldn't be a 1983 comic series named "Coyote" published by EPIC and created by Steve Englehart [link] who is setting the coyote character in the era of now being a superhero dude and telling sideby some myths and stories of the real deal. Another fitting name would be "Trickster Stories Magazine" (TSM in short) cause "Tales of the Trickster" was just away in the moment i got the idea for this. [link]

I'm puzzling that out. Maybe i got more news about this in october and you maybe happen to buy a first copy at NYCC....
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