aztecia Picture

Right here's some gods and things from Aztec mythology. It's mainly for my portfolio assignment at university but I've been wanting to do something that would top that stupid tiki thing as my 'big piece'

the big crocodillian thing is called Cipactli. In a lot of creation myths it is the Earth God that lurks in the universal sea, and it is constantly hungry. Even its joints have mouths
Although it is mainly represented as a crocodile, it also has elements of toads and fish.

The gigantic toad in the sky is called Tlaltecuhtli. It's a very similar God (or Goddess) to Cipactli in that it represents the Earth (and additionally, fertility). The Aztec creation myth usually involves two brothers breaking either this fat toad or the Cipactli into seperate parts (they still survive though, and demand to be fed hearts on a regular basis).

The coolest thing about this God is that it was said to devour the Sun once a day, causing night to fall. When morning came, it would simply spit it back out.

The fact that the Aztec people ACTUALLY BELIEVED THIS still blows my fucking mind.

The animal spirit thing made out of the girl's shadow is a 'nagual' or 'nahual' - there are two uses of this name. The first is to describe some sort of spaceshifting witch or whatever, and the second term (which the pic is based on) describes a 'guardian spirit' which all humans and Gods were thought to have had from birth till death.

If anyone's familiar with the Dark Materials books, it's an extremely similar concept to the daemons in that. Or, uh, Digimon.

Nahuals were usually represented by plants or animals, and would reflect the spirit and intentions of the user. In this pic, it's a jaguar. They were often said to hide in a person's shadow.

Cihuateteo, the mourning ghost thing, is a spirit of a woman who died in childbirth. To the Aztecs, childbirth was seen as a sort of struggle or battle, and those whom died during it were seen as fallen warriors.

These are kinda related to Tlaltecuhtli, who was said to supervise difficult births. The kid is playing with toy versions of two rival brother Gods - Quetzalcoatl (who could turn into a feathered, flying serpent/dragon) and Tezcatlipoca (who could turn into a giant jaguar)

Chantico, the mean looking woman in red, is both a domestic goddess and a fire goddess. She is extremely protective - if you want to get on her bad side, steal her jewelry. Her animal representive is a red serpent, although in one myth she gets turned into a dog as punishment for breaking a fast by eating paprika (i dunno if she stays as one though)

Perhaps as a safeguard, her head-dress comes complete with poisonous cactus spikes.

Ahuitzotl the human-eating monkey-dog makes a return from an earlier pic. I changed up its design a bit to make it more frightening. Here, it's about to lunch on one of its victims after pulling it underwater with its tail-hand.

done in photoshop cs3 in 10-14 hours overall, hope you all enjoy because I now have a huge blister on my thumb from drawing this

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