Typhon Picture

Name inspired by the Monster of the same name in Greek mythology, the largest and most fearsome of all creatures that even the gods themselves feared.

Typhon is a fan made Quimera Parca created by fusing Harribel and Grimmjow's energy, similar to Ayon but worlds apart in terms of power (and size for that matter). It is a mindless, savage, uncontrollable force of nature, its gaping maw threatens to engulf the world itself (Not literally...)

Since Harribel is more powerful then Grimmjow (Or atleast she WAS) hers was the more dominate element in its creation and thus it appears more shark-like.
It doesn't feel pain or emotion and never gets tired. It will relentlessly attack anyone who gets in its way until nothing remains. It has the ability to swim through both the air and the earth with ease, and much faster then one might expect due to its size.

As you can see its a pretty rough sketch, I tried cleaning it up completely but a lot of the details were lost so I just left it rough.
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