Pebble the Kitsune Picture

The creation process of the this sculpt was fraught with problems (cracking in thinner spots, difficulty matching paint colors, just randomly falling to pieces), but I'd like to believe the end result made it worth it.

For the design on this one I tried a somewhat exaggerated anatomy, simplified some features, spattered on some acrylics, and hoped to make it still recognizable as some sort of mythical fox.

As for if I accomplished this goal..I guess that's up to your interpretation. |D

The measurements for this one got misplaced at some point, but if memory serves correctly, Pebbles measures around 4-5 inches long.

Pebbles is made of Sculpey clay, painted with acrylics, and wears a necklace of glass and metal beads.

Artwork © ~Ink-Paw
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