Nidune, the tortured succubus Picture

Well, this was one of my little creations I came up with a while ago, I finally got around to coloring and inking her. Be aware that I am still in the process of experimenting with alco-markers and so this isn't as good as I could do in th future. I think she turned nicely despite that though, it took me three and 3/4 hours to finish her cause I was in slow-mo, Although I did the original pencil sketch over four months ago.

Nidune is a cyber-succubus, being undead and only kept tethered to the human world by cybernetic means installed by her slave master, whom of which I'll draw up eventually. She was killed by a guiding djinn, a quaint creature I created that I'll post here sometime. My friend lisa knows what I'm talking about, I think.

Anyways, I must note that I may not be posting much random art here for a while, I'm working on a layout for, and I'm probably going to be submitting art to a secret project that I must not speak of. >3
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