Creature Profile: Azer'oc Picture

Extremely large picture is extremely large...

Yes I do realize that half a century is 50 years, while I was typing I did mean to put in millennium so that they live 500 years. I'm not changing it right now. If you remind me again about this I will just ignore you or laugh at you since you didn't bother to read the artist comment. Which would mean you wouldn't see this... Bleh, whatever XD

Download for the gigantic image.

Good golly! I spent the last three or so days doing this. I wasn't happy with them since I lacked the ability to shade them properly so I just said screw it... Anyway I hope you enjoy the creature profile. This is a creature of my own creation so please don't steal the idea, it would be rude and I would dislike you forever.

So this creature is called an Azer'oc pronounced Az-er-ock. They are also known as Storm Riders in basic speech. I might end up actually using these creatures for something someday and editing the way they look so... yeah. Anyway, you guys are welcome to make up your own Azer'oc if you want. I don't mind. Doubt any of you will but still ;D

Just to let you know, I may end up doing a part 2 to this since this is only "Basic Information". There is more to the mythology of these creatures and the post-apacolyptic future world of 2234 A.C.

To see how an Azer'oc looks in motion go to this animation:

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