miss SDL round 1: Fantasy Picture


1. imaginative power: the creative power of the imagination
2. mental image or dream: an image or dream created by the imagination
3. impractical idea: an unrealistic and impractical idea
She has this fantasy that someday she'll write a novel.

4. psychology creation of mental images: in psychology, the creation of exaggerated mental images in response to an ungratified need
5. literature genre of fiction: a type of fiction featuring imaginary worlds and magical or supernatural events

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cuz' meg thar is pretty small when not full viewed...lulz.XD

lol, I had fun with this one. XD

mmm, now the theme's fantasy, and...i think fantasy is pretty broad..er...OTL

I chose a mythological outfit, since they say that mythology's counted as fantasy. ^^ OTL

so...uh...how is it? mmm, if it's alright for you guys, please tell me the mistakes you find so that i can still change it before the deadline. XD


minamoto megumi (c) moi
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