The crow brings the daylight. Picture

The challenge of this mounth is about mythology and how to put your OC into them.
[link] The story is about a crow bringing light to the Inut people who lived in darkness. Now they have six mounths of darkness, but six mounths of light.

So here is my OC Marcy as a little kid living in Alaska after the accendent with her father and his experient with harnessing sunlight at night. Since then Maric has been able to create sourses of cold light. The crow is a repasentation of her father, he is the one brought 'light' to her. also in a weirdd turn invents her father's nickname is Ròcas, which I believe means crow in Scottish Gaelic. His real name is Fearghas Anderson- Fearghas is also gaelic.

I am pretty happy on how this worked out. Marci's mother is half Native American; specifically she is half Inuit and this story already had some insperation to her creation already.
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