Character 16. Picture

Back in the fifth step of the creation, Medomananuah, the god of thinking and the mind developed in its brain the ultimate thought. Not even its own divine body being strong enough to hold that, its consciousness exploded into an infinite amount of pieces.
Each fragment penetrated the skull of one of the elementals created by The First on Earth, giving sentience to every thinking creature in the world.
Some beings like the dragons and berlags were very near the explosion and got hit by the big fragments and so became very smart creatures. Some other where far, and only got the dust remaining like the humans and goblins.
Since then, the Thought Collectors travel the world searching for every piece of their master’s, Medomananuah, lost knowledge. Sometimes they just take it by force from a skull. Sometimes they bring new information to the uncultured. They behavior seems to be random: sometimes aggressive, sometimes bringer of knowledge. Some of them seems to steal the memories of their pray, some just make a copy. The only verifiable fact about them is that, no matter the methods, they are collecting the thoughts of all creatures.
Some say this would create a new unique supreme being. That we will all be one and there will be no more doubt or hate. Some say that in the long term every creature with a mind will be destroyed and thought will be again a privilege of the gods.
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