Eridani Picture

After a discussion about what symbols would be important to Pre-Surak Vulcans, I started thinking about Vulcan Mythology ... well, the lack of it. We've only been given hints about the existence of a few Vulcan Gods but nothing in terms of mythology and creation. So I decided to make up some head canon.

It's been accepted in the Star Trek verse that Eridani A (an orange dwarf) is Vulcan's Star (The Great Bird himself even said so). Here we have a personification of Eridani creating Vulcan. Upon some research I discovered that 40 Eridani is a triple star system. So nearby there is Eridani B (a white dwarf) and Eridani C (a red dwarf, flare star). Both B and C are not good candidates for 'life' planets. B would have destroyed any Earth like planets during it's transition to a dwarf star and C would kill any life due to its pulsing x-rays. I can imagine A created life after B and C's destruction.

In terms of styling, I was inspired by a 60's pin up look. Hence the makeup and nails.

Mediums: watercolor, black Sharpie pen, metallic gold pen, a touch of white colored pencil, white gouache, and some editing in photoshop to enhance the color and create a more metallic look on the digital version (on a related note, I'm so sick of my scanner blowing out the subtle watercolor).
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