Creation of the Runes Picture

This is the story of Odin Discovering the runes.
The story from the Poetic Edda:
Runatalsthattr Odins - Odin's Rune-song

139. I ween that I hung | on the windy tree,
Hung there for nights full nine;
With the spear I was wounded, | and offered I was
To Othin, myself to myself,
On the tree that none | may ever know
What root beneath it runs.

140. None made me happy | with loaf or horn,
And there below I looked;
I took up the runes, | shrieking I took them,
And forthwith back I fell.

141. Nine mighty songs | I got from the son
Of Bolthorn, Bestla's father;
And a drink I got | of the goodly mead
Poured out from Othrörir.


This is from my sketchbook. I've loved Norse Mythology for a long time so I decided to illustrate the Creation of the runes.
The two birds are Knowledge and Wisdom. The Two wolves are basically Odin's sidekicks of sort, and are always with him. And the eye thing is Mimir's Well, into which Odin cast his eye in order to take a sip from the well of knowledge.
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