The Felling of the Hshou Picture

Everywhere in AlternateEarth´s North America Raptorosaurs sometimes discover big weird fossils. Some of them can be identified as petrified wood, others belong to gigantic creatures bigger than anything they know. These creatures (actually Sauropods) are no longer alive in North America, so in Raptorosaurs´ mythology they are considered to have been created and killed before the creation of Dinosauroids.

These creatures, called Hshou in Dinosauroid language, had necks and legs as tall as trees and tried to imitate trees, too. They had a bark-like skin and many leaves sprouted from the big holes in their skulls. The Hshou were just standing around in forests, pretending to be trees, doing nothing. But for Ngriba, the mother goddess, these beings were taunting her beautifully-created trees. She ordered Bosbor to chop them down. But while he was violently destroying them she commiserated with them and began to rue what she said. Ngriba tried to stop Bosbor, but the powerful god was already lapsing into a frenzy and even with help from the intelligent god Gruguruh she couldn´t hinder him destroying all Hshou in the world. After this incident Ngriba resolved to never create a creature as tall as her trees again.
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