A devine creation Picture

I saw the idea on a calender of a unicorn/mermaid hybrid, and began work on my own creations. What made me think of these you ask? Well, I wanted to create something that's never been done before. I wanted to create a mythological creature I could blare to the world that I derived. And henseforth, I did. I wondered what to combine with a griffin and wolf. A dragon and unicorn. Taking bodies of creatures that already existed, the griffin/shark, wolf/dolphin, eel/dragon and unicorn/mermaid were born. Names I have for the creatures only represent the griffin/shark called a Makari. I still have yet to make names for the rest. If anyone has any suggestions on names, please feel free to make them. But please, besides the unicorn/mermaid, these creatures belong to me and are my creations done and derived by me only. Please don't claim credit for their creations. I want to always be known as their creator. Warning: Work in progress. Medium used, pencil. Completion time: Unknown.
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