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.: Appearance :.

-Body type and base coat-

WindRiders are Pegasus with the particularity of morphing into a gryphon in flight, giving them more agility, speed and hunting skill than a regular winged horse. As they fly, their shadow is one of a horse, and there is one way to have them remain a Pegasus in flight,which is to find their stone.

As horses their build is compact, with powerful legs, a broad neck and short ears. Males are heavier than females much like percheron cross. They have broad wings eagle like, able to lift their weight both in gryphon and horse form. They usually range from 180cm to 195cm for males and 160 to 175 cm for females.
As Gryphons they have a big feline back half, and diurnal bird of prey front half, with strong beck (which remains in horse form by a tough pointy upper lip) threatening talons and claws. Their mane remains running along their neck, as their ears who stays external. Their body keeps the same marking who show along feather and fur, their tail finishing by a little tuft of hair like their horses tail.

Their base coat is an unnatural gradient of one colour or of close tones, to the light (ex: orange yellow white). It is more common for males to have ‘cold’ colours (blue, green, purple..) and for females to have ‘warm’ once (red, orange, yellow, pink…)
Their upper body is always black, the colour covering the spine and making various pattern on the flanks until forming an helmet like marking on the head.
A windrider eyes can be any natural colours.
Their mane and tail can be any colour. For unknown reason mares with short mane are preferred by males and stallions with short tail are preferred as stud. Both gender don’t hesitate to cut it themselves to their linking in gryphon form.

Their coat shows their health, fading colours will means the horse is ill or wounded. No illness is deadly for them though, and for now individuals doesn’t have yet been seen dying of old age, as of now, death where caused by starvation or deadly wound, or illness making them unable to feed.

Albinism exists, the base coat being white, the spine covered in grey with pink eyes. The lifespawn for those is short in the wild as they can rarely fly and are sensitive to sunlight.


Beside the black spreading on their back, windrider can have various shaped marking, one set of marking is more important.

Generaly showing on the hind legs, feline marking of a darker shade than the gradient base give hint about the feline half of aWR gryphon form, stripes will means tiger, dots could mean cheetah, spots leopard ect, none would means lion or mountain lions. It determine the thickness of the fur as gryphon, the build of the hinds.

Other unnatural shaped markings are usually the colour of the feathers. It can happen some white appear which is not part of the base coat gradient but is not pinto related.


WindRiders have four feathers : two short under both ear, protecting the sensible skin while they are flying, and two long, usually bigger for males starting at the beginning of their wings.

.: Stone :.

Extremely hard to ride because of the morphing, the better way to be able to do it is to find their stone. Each WindRider have a gemstone of its own, who is able to stop their morphing when laid over their skin. It can be included in their bridle/halter for easy use. Thought be careful, too many stones on them can makethem unable to fly.The colour of their feather is a hint to the stone who will work on them. (green can be emerald, red ruby ect. )

.: Temperament and Behavior :.

Wind Riders are wary of strangers, it's hard to have them trust someone. They'd usually rather stay on their own or those of their own kind in the pasture, with exception of some others pegasi. They don't like being alone and will search to form a pair -not especially mates-. They have a wild temperament, aggressive and possessive. Mare are really faithful and they won't allow many horses to mount them if not their mate. Stallions are more receptive to mares' charm until they found their mate.

In the wild, they usually live alone, by two or four: two mates then with their two foals - 75% chance for them being twins- until both are able to go live by themselves. A wind rider is alone during the period its sibling finds its mate, until he/she finds his/her own mate to form another pair.

While in horse form they eat like any other horse, as gryphons they are carnivorous -their fav meal are sheep-, so they are said to be omnivores. They can keep a horse diet a long time but needs meat from time to time, at least once a month is ideal.

They love jewellery and wear it on ears, mane and tail mainly, but sometimes on wings and legs. It can be rings or piercing, pearls, in gold or silver. It is often seen that member of the same family end up wearing the same jewels, as a remaining of their blood, and will find one for their foals, who might end up with one of each parent.

.: Discipline:.

They can be used in any kind of air show, agility or racing as well as jumping. Driving is not recommended since they hardly stand the harness which is too restrained compared to sadle and bridle.

.: Pregnancy and Breeding:.

When approaching term of pregnancy (last few months), it is better to avoid any transformation for the mare, it could hurt the foal ( most seen effect is unfonctionnal wings for pegasi foals) or could induce labour before term -best is for the mare to wear a halter with her stone-. A wind Rider mare won't foal in gryphon form.
Wind Rider foal are able to transform as soon as they are confident enough to rear, buck and jump. They are usually able to fly when they are a few months old.

Concerning breeding, basic passable trait are: wings (see bellow), coat colour (the offspring will mainly be black and white) and colourfull markings, gryphon form (see conditions bellow) -having a gryphon form includes the four feathers, beak like muzzle, and stone effect.-, the love of jewelry is up to you even if it seems to be a strong attraction to any of Wind Riders.

There is 75% chance getting twins. Foals will be of a strong build unless it is a Wind Rider filly. The beak-shaped upper lips tends to disappear with blood dilution at 2nd generation.
With a realistic breed, you will NOT have a Wind rider that transform in gryphon, you have 50% chance of getting a simple pegasus, 90% a black and white foal, 60% colourfull markings.
With a pureblood fantasy horse, you have 75% chance of getting wings, coat can be a mix of the parent and have the colourful lower part and marking, you will NOT have a Wins rider that transform in gryphon.
With a mixed-blood fantasy horse, same as above, but you have 50% chance of getting a Wind Rider that changes into a gryphon if you get a pegasus foal.

If bred with a pegasus, you will have a foal with wings, with a fullblood of any dominant type you have 50% chance getting a Wind Rider, with any crossed you'll have 60% chance to get one.
Having one of the foal being a Wind Rider doesn't mean the twin will be as well, but it can happen they get the four feather -because of blood exchange between twins during the pregnancy-.

The Breed is SEMI CLOSED to public creation. Only way to get one is auction or import by me or through breedings of existing individuals.

The two up there are open for adopt for affiliates or friends.


Art, breed, info © *Meykka
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