Adam and EVe Picture

Acrylic on wood, 4 ft. X 4 ft., 2001. Up until recently this piece was hanging on my living room wall, but its no longer fitting my home decor, so I took it down. Not sure what I'll do with it now - sell it maybe.

This is my interpretation of the ADam and Eve story, or more accurately, of the story of Man and Woman; but since in our culture nothing embodies the mythology of Man and Woman better than the Adam and EVe story, I decided to name this the latter. Its strange, when I started painting this I had no intention of there being an apple in the picture, too cliche' I thought, but somehow it inadvertantly got worked in there. Before the painting, I drew out a couple of studies for the piece, in which the man was holding (or offering) a sphere, which I ended up painting magenta to help balance the painting. Only after I had completed the painting and somebody commented on it did I realize that in the context of the Adam aNd EVe story, it would seem to be more like an apple than a sphere. So cliche' it is then, even if it was an accident
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