Enki Picture

This looks absurd, but hey! That’s mythology for you!

This is Enki, the ancient Sumerian God of water and creation. He’s described as having two streams of water pouring out from his shoulders. They’re actually rivers, the Tigris and Euphrates.

I'm your stereotypical Pisces, being around rivers and large bodies of water does make me feel… happy. So the river-thingy pretty much makes him my favorite mythological deity (reminds me of Bacchus too). And Mesopotamian mythology is my favorite of mythologies! (followed by Mayan?)

Pencil and gouache. Why do I always start working on the worst possible sheet for painting?? Traditional media gives one a narrow margin for fixing things, so I can't do anything about the drawing errors. The head looks a bit too large? I might be able to fix it on photoshop, but I'm not sure. Anyway, fun to paint!

Does this need a mature content warning thingy?
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