Anelphia's Influence Map Picture

In no particular order
1. Sailor Moon: One of my earliest influences. It was one of the first anime series that I watched. Occasionally I would draw the characters particularly Sailor Moon. I really wasn’t into drawing all that much though.
2. Yugioh: This series was one of my absolute favorites, besides Sailor Moon, but it had a much bigger influence in my art than I would care to admit.
3. Fairy Tales: fairytales influence what I draw, not things like Disney, but the original tales like Hans C. Anderson and the Grim brothers. I prefer the originals when it comes to my art. One of my favorites is King Thrushbeard.
4. Egyptian/Classic movies: When I became interested in Egypt/Egyptian themes I began to draw more. It was Still anime though and I didn’t think of my scribbles as art, I really didn’t know what I called it./Classic films ,like this one here entitled “Caesar and Cleopatra” are always a good source of inspiration for me with a wide range of stories, fashions, and era’s.
5. Mythology: Like fairy tales, another source influence was mythology. Pandora’s box was always one of my favorites.
6. World History: Ive always like world history best and it has also been a source of influence in my drawings.
7. John William Waterhouse: This painter was I think the biggest influence. When I saw his art, I decided to try to be a more serious artist (not just doodles and cartoons) His subjects are so life like. The subjects look as though they could breath and cloths look like you could reach out take hold of them and shake them out.
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