the father of life Picture

so, a while back i entered a contest hosted by *IzaPug, based on lesser known world mythology's! i was assigned the mythology of rapa-nui, or better known as easter island mythology!

make-make is known as the father of humanity, the god of fertility, and the chief god of the tangata manu. not much is known about make-make, but after my research and fact finding about him, he seems to me like a kind and generous god, one of compassion and caring. this picture was drawn with a creation sort of aspect in mind. since no one really knows where the giant stone heads of rapa-nui came from, i like to think that make-make placed them there as guardians to watch over the people of the tiny island and keep them from harm and evil, so my painting is of make-make with one of the heads, looking over what he has made.

stock image found here

all other art in this image belongs to me. (i actually drew a really good looking male, without references! that is the best nose i have ever drawn, ever!! i am not begging for comments, but comments on my improvement would be amazing!) no stealing!

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