Phoenix, Warrior of Creation Picture

This is me in my comic Soul Guardian...I am working to getting some panels done plus a whole bunch of other stuff so hopefully soon you guys can read it
Anywhoo... As Phoenix my special abilities are:
1) Create stuff and it doesn't weaken me (though if I use my destructive powers I can wind up killing myself 2) If I am killed at anytime while 'transformed' my corpse burst into flames and I rise reborn...
3) Last but least and my most favorite ability...I can fly...and since my Mythological creature is represented in the stars I can travel through outer space
There are some of the Soul Guardians who's creatures appear as constellation but they can't fly...doesn't that suck They can hitch a ride with someone who can fly but can't travel into space and then it's all good...hell yeah. The buddy system works best in that case.
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