Code: Mythos - Odin Picture

Name: Nilsine
Codename: Odin
Age: 23
Race: Human?
Guild: Thief (Leader)
Religious Alignment: Forn Sior
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 136

She may not look it, but Odin is a born leader. Despite her seemingly easy-going attitude, she takes on a parental role in her guild, taking care of all the guild responsibilities, as well as the members. She will only call on the second-in-command if she absolutely cannot possibly handle the work load. It certainly wouldn’t be out of the ordinary to see her reprimanding and lecturing her members when they get out of hand, often threatening them with a meeting with “Mother Superior,” her enormous, magic-made hammer. But, she is not only motherly in that aspect. Odin has a big heart and cares of each member as if they were family. She may lecture and give out punishments, but one could also find her comforting others, and even putting band-aids on scrapes. Even though she is often seen as the big sister or mommy of the thief guild, Odin is certainly capable of being a great friend as well. As guild leader, she doesn’t hold herself higher than members, and she makes sure she is a part of the members’ lives, constantly interacting with them, whether it be hanging out on the thief guild island, or joining members on missions. Sometimes, one can even find her encouraging trouble-making behavior.

Odin is ambitious and determined, and she often looks for that kind of attitude in potential members. She is not one to accept members who seem lazy, unmotivated or uncommitted. However, that doesn’t mean she is closed-minded. She prefers to have dedicated, hard-working members in her guild, but her motherly heart and high tolerance for others often has her accepting those who need the work and stability that could be found in a guild.

Nilsine was born into the guild life. Her father, Mikael, had been the previous Thief Guild leader and as a young girl, she learned, through him, the way of life as a guild member. Mikael had met her mother through his adventures as a guild leader. However, little is known about her mother. Perhaps due to Mikael's devotion to the Guild, he woman had left the Central Capital when Nilsine was an infant, leaving behind her child, her husband and her mysterious magic-made hammer, "Mother Superior".

Growing up, Nilsine would ask about her missing mother, changing her stable, determined father into a nervous, blubbering wreck. He'd often change the subject or completely ignore the question. Sometimes, he would promise the young girl that one day he will tell her about her mother but unfortunately, he would never get the chance.

When Nilsine was 17 years old, her father had left with a small group to explore an unknown area in the North, leaving his daughter to aid the second-in-command with guild duties. It was Mikael who had the pleasure of discovering the small mining town of Atapha. It was a harsh winter, though, and the weather had prevented the small team from making it back to the Capital. They were forced to remain in Atapha and many fell victim to the bitter weather.

Out of the 12 guild members who had ventured to the North, only 5 returned alive, and Mikael was not among them. It started as a simple cold, but due to the violently harsh weather and lack of resources, it developed into something much worse. Eventually, the sickness claimed the life of the Thief Guild Leader, and he had mistakenly taken the secret of his wife to the grave. His body, along with the other guild members whose lives were lost in the North, was returned to Central Capital, and given the traditional memorial.

Distraught over the loss of her father, Odin had left the guild and attempted to live a normal civilian life in the middle tier of Central Capital. But, she was a guild baby, and was most comfortable within a guild. At 19, she returned to the thief guild island, her mother's hammer in hand, and took the role of guild leader. She had kept this role for the past 4 years and intends to keep it until her death. Those who wish to challenge her for the role of leader often have a short meeting with Mother Superior, before returning to their previous job.

Odin's main weapon is the massive hammer, Mother Superior. The origin of this weapon is unknown, a secret that may have died with her father. What is known about it is that it had been infused with magic, glowing sigils along the handle showing it's magical creation. Even though this is her main weapon, she rarely uses it. Normally, she uses her incredible sneakiness, skill with small weapons and carefully crafted words to get herself out of sticky situations.

The hammer itself has a few strange characteristics. The first is the glowing sigils. It is uncertain why, but the markings, as well as the stone on the end, only glow yellow-green when Nilsine and ONLY Nilsine touches the weapon. Without her touch, it is a simple brown and grey hammer with no indication whatsoever about it's magical characteristics. Her father mentioned before his death that her mother was the only other person able to bring the glowing marks out at her touch.

It is unknown why the hammer reacts only to the touch of Nilsine and her mother.

Odin also has very mild, watered-down magical abilities. These powers, often perfected by thieves, give her the ability to hide better in shadows and silence any noise she make. It is because of these abilities that she is able to knock someone out with her massive hammer without even making a single sound.

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