Benben. Life is parallel. Picture

FULL VIEW PLEASE! Hallo All! Well, I thought I would give some photo-manipulation a try!

Story (PLEASE DON'T YELL AT ME. I am not an archeologist yet, so this is just the bare minimum of what I know)
This is based on the story in Egyptian mythology (Heliopolis version) of the story of creation. BUT, I changed a LOT of things. Because, at the beginning of this story, there was nothing but the waters (Nu). Then, there came the benben mound. Atop it there was Atum, the creator god. There was no tree or flowers or anything (or sky or air or light ect.) but for the sake of this picture, there is. This pic is more or less after Atum pulled a good ol masturbate-er-oony/spit. OH WAIT I SKIPPED THAT PART
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