New Life, New Joy Picture

This picture is for a Pagan friend of mine. I'm planning on giving it to her when she becomes pregnant for the first time. I realise that I'm risking blowing the surprise by putting it up here, but since it's really the only thing in color that I did all summer, I thought you lot might like to take a gander.
Here the Goddess in all of her forms--Maiden, Matron, and Crone--celebrate the creation of new life. The colors of their garments are a bit symbolic. White is a color that traditionally reprisents innocence and virginity and is associated with the Maiden form of the Goddess. Red is reprisentative of mestral blood and therefore womanhood, it is also associated with the Matron form of the Goddess. The green trim on the Matron's dress is representative of the earth, it is also a color associated with the God in his form of the Green Man or the Lord of the Hunt. By combining those two colors on her dress, the drawing recognises the fact that creation of life requires both male and female. Purple is the color of wisdom, a trait attributed to the Crone aspect of the Goddess. The black trim on her own dress is both representative of her stage in the cycle of life and her position as keeper of mysteries and a protector from negativity. The letters written above and below the picture are in Theban or Witches' script and read "New life, New joy".
Done in graphite and colored pencils.
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