Cratonis and Shinbatsu's Myth Picture

This was done for a project for Mythology Class:
We had to design a nature/creation myth from
either existing pantheons or ones we created.
I decided to give a little eye opener for
the God's of Final Chronicles.

1st Panel: Cratonis and Shinbatsu (Origin Forms) fighting
with each other, creating the very Universe we live in.

2nd Panel: The Gods continue their fight on Earth,
and with their stuggle they create Earth's rotation,
the seasons and the geography of Earth.

3rd Panel: Cratonis creates the Aeons, and they manage to seal Shinbatsu away in a spirtual prison, while Cratonis does the same to himself.

4th Panel: The New Gods, the Aeons, break up the spiritual prisons of Cratonis and Shinbatsu ad releasing them upon the Earth, creating mortal Life and Thought.

Hope you enjoy!

Shinbatsu, Cratonis, Final Chronicles, "Aeons" - YamiBroly777
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