53. Nu Picture

Nu: Egyptian God of Primordial Waters and Chaos

100 Gods/Goddesses Challenge

Augh, hahaha.
I'm still getting over my cold and this didn't turn out quite so nice. XD When my number generator spat out Nu I was like WHAT I DON'T KNOW ISN'T NU JUST AN OCEAN. XD;

The challenge says only one god per image, but... uh... Ra up there is really just a symbol, isn't he? ;3

Egyptian mythology gets incredibly weird and convoluted the more you look at it, and that's BEFORE you take all the regional differences into account. XD But there's one thing they all seem to agree on; before anything existed, there was a vast ocean called Nu. Or Nun. Whatever.

Who came out of this ocean first and created the rest of... creation... is up for debate.

Nu has two aspects: Nun and Naunet, the male and female aspects respectively. Nun was a dude with blue skin and sometimes with a frog's head, while Naunet was often portrayed with the head of a snake. Some depictions of Nun-the-blue-guy include female breasts, since he's sort of a fertility god too. There are a lot of Egyptian gods that have these dual genders and general androgyny going on; sometimes they are separate masculine and feminine entities (Such as Nun and Naunet. Thoth and Ma'at come to mind, but I'm not sure if that's a good example) and sometimes they're combined into one. That's just how the Egyptians roll. Mythology is wishy washy like that.

He's also often depicted with the solar barge on his head, but it usually has about six gods, haha.

Nu becomes kind of a jerk later on. In later mythology, Nu becomes associated with chaos and 'the outside', kind of like our buddy Set, and as a result, he gets kind of a bad rap. When the humans start being losers and Ra calls everyone to a meeting like dude what should I do, it's Nu who says "Oh easy just kill all the humans with your eye powers lol."
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