Department of Applied Folklore Picture

Well, so last night I couldn't sleep, and so I decided to finally throw down the characters in my head onto a piece of paper.
Entirely in orange pencil, because it was the sharpest one in the box. A neater version will hopefully follow, of the main picture at least.

So, the three main people in the centre are the staff/ associated members of the Department of Applied Folklore and Practical Mythology, University of North Grimbling, England. From left to right, Georgina Wilding (George), researcher and PhD student, toting a water gun, filled with holy water, v. good for vampires; Dr. Kate Field, Head of Department and newest member, Thomas Lindsey, ex-journalist and completely out of his depth.

Around the edges we have some other associates and sketches- so, starting from the top left and working down: Kate again, confronting monsters, or possibly just the University funding body,
Ashleigh Roth, woman of mystery (cannot make up my mind WHAT she is, other than an annoyance),
Professor Sebastian Wheatley, Emeritus Professor of the department, retired from any actual field work for a while now,
Luke Smith, mind magician who owes more than a little to Derren Brown in his creation,
random unnamed Scottish dude who likes killing things
Thomas again, with an expression of resigned WTF
and George again, with her demon hat.

I am so pleased I have finally managed to draw this lot. Hopefully, more individual pictures will follow. Also pie.
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