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Added 5/23/09



Also known as: Pigeon Time

Hatoji is a very strange Kaiju. She seems to be related to prehistoric birds, like Archaeopteryx, but also seems to be a mix of many different species that lived at different times. It’s not clear where she came from, though most scientists assume she was created like Garm, not natural like Mishipishew, due to the odd seeming mix of species. The why is not clear either, as she doesn’t seem to care about humans one way or the other. Also odd about her is her name. Unlike most Kaiju, she isn't named after a Mythological creature-her name is simply a silly name someone came up with that happens to translate loosely to "Pigeon Time."

She’s not a destructive Kaiju, though she has an odd sense of humor and is playful, both with other Kaiju and with human creations like cars. She’s fond of weaving through the mazes of skyscrapers, and of “buzzing” office buildings, and she enjoys playing an odd version of “fetch” with Garm, grabbing a car or a tree and making him chase her to get it. She finds Tzeltal’s more malicious activities funny as well, but she never does anything so destructive herself and isn’t considered so annoying. Though, since she can mimic human voices, she likes to sit on the top of a building and sing the most annoying songs she can find, irritating people directly and cackling. She’s very fond of It’s a Small World.

She enjoys a good fight, and so is very easy to get to help in one. Garm is the most active fighting Kaiju, and so she is his most valuable and consistent ally, though she has fought against Mizzy with Tzeltal just for the fun of it. She never did it again after he fried her wing so badly she couldn’t fly, though oddly, she doesn’t hold it against him. She hates Maera, though, after he shot her out of the sky and began to eat her alive.

Finally, here's Hatoji's File. I know, she looked better in the action pose from her first pic, but as I've said, all the main pics of the Files are going to be static.

I removed the blue stripes on the wings. I think it looks better this way.

If you can't see the text, use the Download button. It should be big enough then.

I hope you enjoy Pigeon Time! XD

I wonder if the first name, Hajoti, ment anything. I know, hardly a big change-I just moved the J and T around, but it looks and sounds better as Hatoji either way.

Is Mach 3 too fast, do you think...?

Hatoji (c) me
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