Radius and Ursii Picture

My sister and I really had a blast looking back at the work I created for Character Creation last semester. She's a writer/inspiration/goddess, so it was great to hear the two of us making ridiculous pokemon~esque noises based on the characters we saw until the right names just came to us.

This is Radius (left) and Ursii (right). I desperately want to see how they interact in an illustration. Strangely, enough I based Radius off of a photo of my sister when she was maybe 5 or 6.
And Ursii REALLY reminds me of my father.
Despite being...a bear like creature.

Oh and what was the filename originally?
"Lamborghini Ursii, your bear looks so thirsty".jpg

I am on a roll.

And some more relevant information.
Acrylic/Acrylic & Digital
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