The World Picture

Many years passed after they formed our universe, centuries upon centuries at least. They had left the middle three layered planes to created upon the others, leaving the raw elements there to incubate. In their absence, things grew. When they returned, they found something that wasn't there before; life. Creatures had evolved from one cell into two, from the beasts that swim to the beasts that crawl and fly.

The girls were enthralled by this development and watched in awe as their creations learned and grew. They watched them learn to use tools, and generation by generation loose body hair and stand upright. They grew attached to this species, which through environmental factors ended up looking like their own kin. They called this kind 'Humanity' and loved them very much.

One day, they took stretches of space, dyed the color of nobility, and sewn them into their clothes. They decided to go and meet their creations, and care for them closer.

Whoops, I inaccurately evolutioned. I know it's more complex than this, but hey, it's supposed to be written a long time ago, less information was available.

Hey, anyone have an idea for what I should call this mock-religion?


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Art, characters and story by myself.
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