Kimiko Kai Tsi Picture

a new oc?, SAY WHA!!!! well i thought it was about time. and im far to lazy, but i thought to myself it needs to be done. i will update this later as i still need to add a necklace and such.

now abit about Kimiko. she is the daughter of the Kai Tsi, who is of Chinese/Japanese mythology. the Kai Tsi is a Lion and Unicorn mix. find out more about it here [link]

Kimi is a sweet , kind ghoul with a heart of gold. she is quite small in height, and likes Bright colours. but don't think that's all she is about. she is trained in martial arts ( which was insisted by her father) and is one feisty cub who can take care of herself. she does not tolerate people who try to walk over her or belittle her. she was born in China but Grew up in Japan before Moving to the Monster high Area. She is of Chinese/Japanese and English decent. and she is fluent in Japanese/Mandarin and English. This is her Natural hair and Eye colour. but she enjoys wearing contacts and wigs to compliment what outfits she wears.

want to find out more about her. why not go and ask ON Kimi's Tumblr - [link]

Kimiko Kai Tsi © Me (Chunk07x)

Monster High © Mattel Inc

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