The Nyota Jamaa Picture

The "Star Family" or "Nyota Jamaa" are the three primal entities in Bastet werecat mythology. The Werewolves know these beings as the Triat. In the middle is Nala, Mother of all things, representing chaos, raw energy and endless potential. To her left is Rajah, the Maker, representing order, structure and creation. To the right is his dark brother Calash, the Unmaker, representing death and entropy. While these three are in balance, the circle of birth, death and rebirth continues endlessly.

I wasn't able to follow the (scarce) information in the Bastet Sourcebooks about the looks of the three. After all, Nala is said to be formless energy while Calash's fur is so dark that it swallows all light like a black hole, and that would be strange to paint. ^^"

And... I drew glowing animals. I feel so dirty right now.
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